Addison Glass & Mirror


Clear - To state "clear" glass is to say "not tinted or smoked".  However, clear glass is not actually optically clear, that is, without tint of any kind.  The materials required to create glass also produce a slight green to blue-green tint, depending on the manufacturer.  All glass thicknesses are made using the same materials.  The thicker the glass, the darker the tint.  When viewed edge-on, the glass appears even darker since you are in effect looking through a much thicker layer than the actual thickness of the glass sample.

Smoked - In opposition to clear glass, "smoked" implies tinted or not clear.  The layman's term "smoked" is really inaccurate.  Tinted glass comes in several colors, with bronze and grey being the most common.  The coloration is added to the mixture to create the level of color desired.  Tinted glass is made from a recipe for each color and as such the colors vary by manufacturer and can even vary by batch, meaning that exact color matches to your existing piece may be impossible!

Bronze - Brownish tint.

Grey - Grey tint

Black - Extremely dark grey tint.  This is not opaque glass, it can be looked through.

Starphire® - Starphire® is a brand name of clear glass with extremely low iron content in the mixture. This makes the glass have less green tint than normal clear glass. LESS green tint! NOT implying that the glass has no tint at all. The larger a piece of glass gets the darker the tint will become, this is true for Starphire® as well.

Exotics - Colors vary from blue to peach. Availability of the more exotic colors is sporadic at best. If you have a need for a more vibrant color give us a call and we will check out the current availability.