Addison Glass & Mirror


Non-Polished Profiles

Seamed - Sometimes referred to as "breaking the edge", the sharp top and bottom edges of the glass are removed and the corners are bumped.  This edge is done with a hand grinder or upright belt sander. Really this is more of a safety precaution than edgework.  Seamed edges are the least expensive however they are not really for decorative use.  This edge represents the least we will do to a piece of glass.  We will not sell cut glass, all glass that leaves our shop must be seamed.

Ground - This is a step up from the seam, done on a machine, given a flat with arris profile.  Any of our polished profiles can be done in a ground edge however the price will be the same as the basic flat ground edge.

Polished Profiles

Bevel - A Bevel is an angle on the top of the glass around the perimeter.  It can be done on glass from 3/16 to 3/4 inch thick.  The bevel range is up to 1-1/2 inches wide.  Most any shape can be beveled, for details regarding special shapes and tight inside radii please contact us.

Flat Polish - Flat polished edges are the staple of our industry.  It is a very simple, clean, and popular edge, the vast majority of glass leaving our shop is Flat Polished.  Our Flat polish can be put on straight or curved edges, with no difference in turn around time.

Pencil Polish - Decorative but not over whelming the pencil edge can change an oval coffee table in to a piece of art.  The soft edge and smooth flow of a pencil edge makes for a very relaxed look.  Radius corners, ovals and curved pattern pieces go very well with this profile.

Bull nose - The Bull nose is similar to the pencil polish in the rounded shape of the profile.  In general it is only the top half of a pencil profile.

Ogee - An obsolete English term referencing molding with an S-shaped curve.  This is a very elegant edge for 1/2 inch and thicker glass.

Triple Pencil - Waterfall is another name for this profile.  We only put Triple pencil edgework on 3/4 inch glass.