Addison Glass & Mirror


Variations - The process of making glass involves floating the molten mixture over the surface of liquefied tin.  "Float" glass, as it is called, is poured over the tin at differant rates to attain thicker or thinner sheets.  The more molten glass poured on the tin, the thicker the product will finish out.

Metric / English Conversion - Most glass is produced outside of the United States and therefore is not actually measured with English fractional units.  However, the metric thicknesses that we use are very close, and are the industry standard for glass.

Single and Double Strength - Mainly for picture frames or shadow boxes, cabinetry.  This glass is not thick enough to support any substantial weight for shelving and it is not advised to use it in this manner.

3/16, 1/4 - China shelving, cabinetry, table and other furniture protective covers, framed bath and shower enclosures.

3/8, 1/2 - Bookshelves, medium sized stand alone desks and tables, frameless bath and shower enclosures, room partitions.

5/8, 3/4 - Load bearing shelves, sinks and counter tops, large stand alone furniture, room partitions, railings.